About The Campaign

Let's Meet There is a national initiative to restore professional meetings and events (PME) across the United States.
In recent months, we’ve seen countless large meetings and events take place safely and successfully across the country. Currently, there is a patchwork approach to reopening, particularly as it relates to the lifting of state and local gathering restrictions—particularly capacity limits.
With CDC guidance on “large gatherings” forming the basis for many of those restrictions, the Let's Meet There campaign seeks to change the narrative surrounding PMEs—emphasizing the low risk of COVID-19 transmission, the benefits to the business community and the importance of in-person interactions to corporate growth and long-term success. Unlike informal gatherings, PMEs are controlled gatherings with access limited to screened guests and layers of proven safety protocols at work to minimize health risks.
This level of control enables professional meetings and events of all sizes to be done safely—with near zero risk to attendees and the host community. To keep pace with the evolving state of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Let's Meet There campaign will seek to address the inconsistencies and outdated approach to COVID-19-related public health measures at the federal, state, and local level by distinguishing PMEs from other types of large gatherings.
The restoration of PMEs is critical in order to bring back this vital part of the economy—a segment that delivered $139 billion in local travel spending in 2019 and even greater value to attendees.
Utilizing paid media, earned media, and turnkey tools for grassroots-based outreach, U.S. Travel Association and industry stakeholders will work to educate business leaders, elected officials, and other key decision-makers about the safety of professional meetings and events and the role they play in advancing business interests and growing the broader economy.
If you are a member of the travel industry and want to join the initiative by sharing this message on your channels to your state lawmakers, please visit the action center.